Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

Easy School Boy Drawing

Step-1: Drawing Cute Boy’s Chin

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

 Draw a curve like the shape of “U” at the top of the page. It should signify the chin of the cute boy’s face.

From the right next to the edge of the “U” shaped, curved chin, draw slight curves in a sequence. Draw two more deep curves below these slight curves.

Mark the edges with a black marker to make them prominent. , as if the corners of eyes. Draw two small circles and a curve below the right and left deep curves. Shade the top portion on both sides.

Step-2: Drawing Cute Boy’s Smiley Mouth

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

 Draw the curve in the lower middle of the eyes. This is your cute boy’s smiley face.

Draw slight curves on the upper spaces of the eyes. Your cute boy has got cute eyebrows.

Lower Hair layer: Draw an outward curve near the left eyebrow. Draw a zigzag structure on the top of the curve. From the zigzag, draw a wider curve coming down towards the eyebrows and ending on the upper left side of the right eyebrow.

Draw a curved line parallel to the previous curve and move it in the upper left direction, making the shape of hair puff. From the corner of the curve, draw another curve moving towards the right upper space of the eyebrow.

Make a bend and make another curve. Make two more cornered curves and join them with the right upper tip of the U-shaped lower face part.

From the left side, draw a line from the lower part of the very first curve you drew for hair and move it upward. On the top, make a bend that indicates the separation point of the left and right parts of the cute boy’s hairy head.

Draw outer lines to complete the upper structure of the boy’s head. Join it with the right upper part of the lower facial structure.

Below the chin, draw two parallel curves, departing in the opposite direction. Then, broad these lines to make the structure of shoulders.

On the left shoulder, draw two lines, lowering down, indicating strips. Make two small curves below the neck, highlighting the boy’s shirt.

Step-3: Drawing Cute Boy’s Arms

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

From the right of the left side of the strip, draw arms of the boy’s shirt and draw further lines below it, indicating the boy’s arms. Make bends in the arms’ lines and move them towards the lower right side.           

 Make the right arm moving straight in the downward direction. Then, draw hands on the lower parts of arms that are moving towards the lower parts of arms. After this, Draw the left hand in a way that reflects grabbing the strip. Now draw the right hand as if it is inside the pocket.

 Step-4: Drawing Cute Boy’s Shirt

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

On the left side, make the line lengthier and draw a line. Attach the left lower part with the right lower part, showing the bottom of the cute boy’s shirt. 

We will draw the two angle lines, slanting in the opposite directions. Make two straight and downward lines on the left and right sides, parallel to slanting lines. Draw curves between the ends of slanting and straight lines, highlighting the lower parts of pants.

Draw pockets on the upper left and right sides of pants. Then draw two curves parallel to each other.

 Step-5: Drawing Cute Boy’s Feet

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

Draw simple shows and connect the curves with a line. Add details inside the shoes.

Below the bend of the left arm, draw a line lowering down towards the ends of the strips. Attach this line with the left corner of the boy’s shirt, showing a bag on the left shoulder. Add a prominent pocket. Add details on the strip. Make a little heart on his shirt.

Step-6: Add colorful Shades in You Cute Boy

Easy School Boy Drawing| Drawings For Beginners

Add colors according to your own taste.

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