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Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing: Here this drawing session will cover all the easy and basic steps to make Naruto Uzumaki easy drawing for kids. Hope you will find this suitable and helpful.

Required tools for drawing

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Color markers

Step by step guidelines

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 1

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


Using marker paper and marker, start outlining the face. Draw a big curve for the face of naruto.

Now give details to face. First, draw the eyes of this cartoon character. Draw curves as eyelids lids. Remember, do the same thing with each eye. Below these curves, draw ovals for eye lenses. To the bottom of these ovals, draw small horizontal lines.

Now start shading to the eye lenses. Draw two small circles in each eye. Around these circles, draw ovals. Fill black shade to these ovals. It creates highlights to the eyes.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 2

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


In the second step of drawing a Japanese cartoon character, draw a curve for its smile. Now draw whiskers on both cheeks. Draw three curves to each left and right side. Above the eyes, draw the hat of naruto.

Using a curved line, draw the bottom of the hat over your head. Draw two layers of hair coming inside from hat to forehead. To give more details to the hat, use vertical curves to the sides of the bottom line.

Enlarge it horizontally by drawing “W” shapes sides the right and left sides. Connect these lines through a smooth curve. According to the given picture, draw the ears of naruto.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 3

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


In the third step of drawing a cartoon, draw a rectangle shape in the front center of the hat.

Design a logo in a rectangular shape. To draw the top part of the hat, use a zig-zag pattern of rounded lines. Give sharp edges to the line. As you can see from the given picture above.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 4

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


In the fourth step of drawing, start drawing the central body of the naruto. Draw small vertical lines from the face line. Join the ends of both lines through curved and horizontal lines. This line indicates the neck area of the cartoon.

From the right side of the neck, draw a curve to the right side. And draw another curve from the left of the neck. These curves are for the shoulders. For the front body, draw two vertical lines with some distance. Join these lines with a curved line.

Now draw the pants of naruto using parallel lines. The inner line of the pants is “V” shaped. Join inner and outer lines through curved lines. Look at the bottom of the pants from the given picture.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 5

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


In the fifth step of drawing, draw legs that can be seen from the pants’ bottom. Below the legs draw feet, and shoes using some curved lines. Also, draw its fingers that are visible from the shoes. Now start working from the shoulders.

Draw two parallel lines for the right arm. From, the elbow, draw sleeves of the dress. Also, give a curved shape from here. To the front of the sleeves, draw closed hands and fingers. In the same way, draw the other arm and hand of naruto.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 6

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing


In the sixth step, give more details to the dress. Draw vertical lines to the collar. From the center downward collar, draw a zipper moving downward.

To the shoulders, draw small curves. To one knee of naruto, draw horizontal lines and shade them. Also, give more details about Naruto’s pants.

 Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing Step 7

Naruto Uzumaki Easy drawing

In the last and final step, start coloring the naruto drawing. Use skin color tone to the face, hands, legs, feet, and ears. The shoes, eyes and bottom hat is blue. Its dress is a combination of two colors: orange and blue. Fill yellow to the top of the head.

The drawing of naruto is complete now.

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