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Cookie Monster Drawing

Cookie Monster Drawing: Here we are going to draw a cartoon character that is called cookie monster. The Cookie monster loves to eat cookies. This drawing also shows his nature. The following drawing will urge the children to draw their favorite cartoon characters. So let’s start with the drawing.

Required tools for drawing a cartoon

In this section, the vital material of drawing is given. These tools are a necessary part of the drawing process. Let’s check out the list of drawing tools.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Color markers

Step by step guide for drawing process

The given drawing steps are easy and understandable. Do follow the given steps and instructions carefully to draw this character.

 Cookie Monster Drawing Step 1

In the first step of drawing, adjust your drawing paper on the drawing board. Using a black marker, first draw the eyes of the cookie monster.

For eyes, draw a big circle. Joined with the first circle, draw another circle. In the right circle, draw one small circle to the top part.

To the left circle, draw a small circle to the bottom part. As you can see from the picture above. Now give details to the eyes of the cookie monster.

Draw two small circles and a curve to each eye circle. Divide the curve into sections. Give shade to the bottom of the circle. This creates shine and highlight to the monster. Observe it from the picture of step 1.

 Cookie Monster Drawing Step 2

In the second step with the cookie monster, draw an opened mouth of it. First, draw two joined curves below the eyes. From the sides of this curve, draw a big curve to the lower side. This curve is just as “U” shaped.

To the sides of the opened mouth, draw small curves. These curves show the smile of the monster. Fill the inner mouth with black shade.

Now draw the outer line of the head and face. Using zig-zag lines for the sides, convert them into smooth lines. The zig-zag lines show the furry head of the monster. While the smooth line shows the face outline. Look at the given picture above.

 Cookie Monster Drawing Step 3

In the third step of drawing, draw the central body of the cookie monster. Draw a curve for the right shoulder and arm. The cookie monster is holding cookies in both hands. Trace a curve for the bent arm. Draw lines for the fingers.

To show the cookies, draw circles. The cookie in the left hand is half-eaten. So it is a bit zig-zag. Inside the circles, draw small chocolate chips. Give these chocolate chips black shade. See from the given picture. The chocolate cookies in his hand show his ultimate love for eating cookies.

 Cookie Monster Drawing Step 4

In the fourth step of drawing, draw the lower body. Continue the curve to the tummy of the monster. Move it to the lower side and then join to the back of it.

Now draw small legs using parallel lines. To the ends of these lines, draw the feet of the monster. Draw curves as the fingers of the feet. Look at the given picture above.

 Cookie Monster Drawing Step 5

In the fifth step of drawing, start the coloring technique. You need just two colors for this drawing. Give brown shade to the cookies of the monster that he is holding in both hands.

In the eye lens, use blue color. For the rest of the body, use blue color including hands, feet, and face. You can also see from the given picture.

The drawing of a cookie monster is complete now. You can also draw this with your required changes.                    

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