T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing| Learn New Skills Of Drawing

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing: In this Drawing Session, we will draw an amazing drawing of a T-Rex dinosaur. Kids can easily draw this drawing as steps are easy to follow. Let’s start the process.

Required material:

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Black Drawing marker
  • Sky blue
  • Yellow-green
  • Dark green
  • Yellow

Step by step guidance

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 1

Set the drawing paper on board. To draw the cartoon dinosaur, first, we have to draw his eyes. As we are going to draw the side view of the dinosaur, so draw just one eye. Trace a big circle for the eye. Draw two small circles inside this big circle.

Now trace a curve to the bottom line. Shades in the upper area except for the small circles. Let’s move to the bottom area and draw lines there. After completing the eye shape, draw a small curve on the eye according to its shape. Follow the above-given figure.

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 2

In this step, draw the face and head outline. Draw the head outline by drawing a curve. Trace a line on the left side of the curve that is on the eye.

Then from there continue the line and turn downward. In this way, turn it into a U shape. This is the outline of his face. Draw a tiny circle for nostrils. You can see above in the image.

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 3

Now we are going to draw the mouth of dinosaurs. Outline the mouth at the start of the eyes. Then draw the teeth by tracing the “V” shaped lines on this line. From there, draw the necklines on both sides.

From that line, we are going to draw the arms and hands of the dinosaur. Trace an arm by drawing very small lines. To draw hands draw two zig-zag lines. Do the same technique with the second side. Follow the above-given figure.

T- Rex DinosauFree Drawing Step 4

After drawing the hands, now designs his back area. Come on the lower side, and continue the curved line. Then move ahead and draw the tummy area of the cartoon dinosaur. To draw the leg, come to the inner side and draw a curve that will join to the lower line.

Now trace another curve but it will end a little bit ago. From these two curves, trace the lines for legs. these lines will intersect the lower line.

After this draw the Toes. Trace one curve out then in again curve out and in. In this way, trace three toes and then draw the nails by tracing curves on it. You can see in the figure above.

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 5

Let’s finish the curve that coming from the tummy area toward the legs. Bring this curve by intersecting from the leg. Now at this point, start to draw the tail.

Trace curves lines and then bend these lines completely to give a thin spiral shape. In this way, it will look like a real tail because the base is broad and the tip is thin. Follow the above-given figure.

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 6

In this step, we are going to draw the other leg. Take the start from the tummy area. Draw two small curves by keeping them some distance. Bring these curves down and start to draw the feet. Then draw the toes and nails.

Now add some marks on this drawing. Draw V-shaped marks starting from head to the tail. Don’t forget to draw a little heart. Also shown above in the figure.

T- Rex Dinosaur Free Drawing Step 7

In the last step of this drawing, we are going to shades in this drawing. Take sky blue color and fill in the bottom of the eyes. Apply yellow-green on the tummy and green on the whole body. Fill black color in the nails.

Finally, the wonderful drawing of the T- Rex Dinosaur is ready to see in the above-given figure.

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