Cute Selena Gomez Drawing| Learn Easy Free Drawing Skills

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing: In this drawing, we are going to draw the cute Selena Gomez from her music video ice cream with black pink. So, let’s get started by providing detail of the required material for this drawing.

Required material:

The required material is simple and easy to use. There is no specific material required for this drawing. Everything is easily accessible to everyone.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Whitener
  • Drawing colors (Dark brown, blue, yellow, sienna brown, and red).

Step by step guidance:

There is a complete step by step guidance. Every step is designed with complete detail. Follow the directions and get the desired outcomes.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 1

 Set the paper on the drawing board. First of all, draw the sides and bottom line of the face. Come back to the start of the face line and draw big circles on both sides. These circles are for the eyes. Now trace two small circles inside the eye.

After drawing circles, now move to the bottom and draw a curve. Shades in the upper region except for the bottom and small circles. Then draw lines on the lower edge of the eye.

Do the same procedure with another side. You can follow the above figure.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 2

Move toward the eyes and draw very thick, long, and beautiful eyelashes. Between the lower sides of the eye give a cute smile by drawing a curved line. Let’s move up and draw eyebrows. Eyebrows should be thick in shape.

Come to the sides and trace ears. Ass some detail in ears. After this, draw the oval-shaped earrings of a cute girl. Follow the above-given figure for better understanding.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 3

Now draw the remaining face outline. Trace the basic hairlines on the front and backside. Move ahead and draw the neckline. From the neckline, draw the shoulder lines.

Then draw the two angle lines. After this, draw the neck design into v-shaped. On the lower side of the neck design, draw a beautiful bow in the form of petals. Add some detail in the bow. As shown above in the figure for better understanding.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 4

Now close the upper portion of the dress and drawing double lines. Now we are going to draw the shorts of a cute girl. Trace lines in a downward direction and then close these lines.

Then from there, draw lines for legs. Outer lines should be straight and inner should be curved. After this, draw the shoes of the girl. Make a design on the shoes and give some more detail on the shoes.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 5

Come up and start to draw the sleeves of the dress. Draw lines to form sleeves and then give it to narrow end. Add details on both sides of the sleeves.

Trace lines for arms and hands. Move to the upper side and draw her big hair. Draw hair in the form of a bunch of curves, coming toward the hands.

Cute Selena Gomez Drawing Step 6

In the last step of this drawing, we are going to give the final look to our drawing. Move to the left side and draw a small heart. Let’s give colors to our drawing. Take the brown color and fill in the hair. Grab a sienna brown color and apply it to the skin.

Fill red color in the heart. Apply yellow color on the upper portion of the dress and blue on the lower portion. Move to the shoes and apply white color on shoes.

Finally, the beautiful drawing of cute Selena Gomez is ready to see. You can see above in the figure. 

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