king Trollex Free Drawing| New Easiest Free Drawing Skills

king Trollex Free Drawing

king Trollex Free Drawing: In this drawing, we are going to draw the king Trollex. It is the character from the film trolls world tour.

Required material:

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing marker
  • Drawing color (yellow-green, red, pink, blue, yellow, violet, and sky blue).

Step by step guidance:

There is a complete step by step guideline. Follow the instructions and get the desired outcomes. So, let’s get started.

king Trollex Free Drawing Step 1

king Trollex Free Drawing

First of all, adjust the drawing paper on board. Now we are going to draw the eyes of the king. Draw a big circle for the eye. In this big circle, draw two tiny circles. Then trace a curve on the bottom side of the eye.

Draw lines on the lower margin of the eye. Shades in the upper area except for small circles. Follow the same procedure with the second eye. Between the downward side of eyes trace a small curve for his nose. Let’s move ahead and draw his mouth.

Draw a kidney shape by following the figure. Now inside this kidney shape, draw his teeth. You can see above in the image for better understanding.

king Trollex Free Drawing Step 2

king Trollex Free Drawing

In the second step of this drawing, come up to the eyes and draw her union eyebrows. To draw eyebrows, first, draw a curve then down the curve, and now again an eyebrow curve.

After this draw the face outline. Now move to the upper side of the head. Draw a very small curve in the center and also draw around this curve again and again to draw the band. Draw one more layer.

Then from there, we are going to draw his fiber-optic hair. It will look like a water fountain. Take start by drawing a line and then go and back again and again. You can do this by following the above figure.

king Trollex Free Drawing Step 3

king Trollex Free Drawing

To draw her ear, trace a curve. Add tiny circles inside the ear. Draw an angled line that will originate from the curve on both sides. Then connect these two lines by following the figure. Add some more details inside this.

Do the same procedure with the second side. Move to the underneath of mouth area. Mark two points in the center and draw two curves from these points. Then connect these by giving a round shape on the lower side. Follow the above-given image.

king Trollex Free Drawing Step 4

king Trollex Free Drawing

Now we are going to draw the fins. Draw a curve on both sides. Also, draw a line in the center and then connect these lines according to the figure.

Now draw the arms by drawing two curves and then connect these two. Then draw the bands in the arms. Do the same technique on another side. Draw squares on the fins. Some squares should be small and some big.

Some are alone and some squares are attached to another. Don’t forget to draw the heart. But keep in mind, heart shape should resemble the other design.

king Trollex Free Drawing Step 5

king Trollex Free Drawing

In the last step of this drawing, we are going to give color to it. Let’s start from the top and fill yellow-green. Move ahead and apply different shades on the band. Shades blue color on the face and fins. Shades red and pink in the heart.

Apply multi colors on arm. Let’s move to the fins and shades pink on the edge.

Take pink, sky blue, orange, violet, and fill in the squares. Apply yellow and yellow-green color in the mouth. Shades violet in the eyebrows. Grab blue and pink on ears.

Finally, the beautiful drawing of King Trollex from trolls world tour is ready to see above in the image.

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